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Prof. Sarangi

Prof. Srikant Sarangi

Professor in Language and Communication and Director of the Health Communication Research Centre
Cardiff School of English, Communication & Philosophy
Cardiff University, UK

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Prof. Srikant Sarangi is Director of the Health Communication Research Centre (HCRC) in Cardiff. He is editor of Communication & Medicine and TEXT.

Research interests:

  • Discourse analysis and applied linguistics
  • Language and identity in public life
  • institutional and professional discourse (e.g., health, social welfare, bureaucracy, education etc.)
  • quality of life and risk communication in genetic counselling, HIV/AIDS, telemedicine, general practice and palliative care
  • intercultural pragmatics
  • racism and ethnicity in multicultural societies


Selected Publications:

  • Sarangi, S. and Slembrouck, S. (1996) Language, Bureaucracy and Social Control. London: Longman.
  • Sarangi, S. and Roberts, C. eds., (1999) Talk, Work and Institutional Order: Discourse in Medical, Mediation and Management Settings. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.
  • Sarangi, S. and Coulthard, M. eds., (2000) Discourse and Social Life. London: Pearson.
  • Coupland, N., Sarangi, S. and Candlin, C. N. eds., (2001) Sociolinguistics and Social Theory. London: Pearson.
  • Sarangi, S. and Candlin, C. N. eds. (2003) Categorisation and Explanation of Risk: A Discourse Analytical Perspective. Special issue of Health, Risk & Society 5, 2, 115-228.
  • Hall, C., Slembrouck, S. and Sarangi, S. (2006) Language Practice in Social Work: Categorisation and Accountability in Child Welfare. London: Routledge.